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Tung Carb by Bebe
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  1. An excellent addition for any folder makers.
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    Wow! What a dream machine. Works wonderfully on the face of titanium liner locks. Absolutely no learning curve at all.
    Also nowhere as near noisy as what I was I was expecting after watching it on YouTube.
    Many thanks for all the help to the wonderful people at USAKnifemaker

    Review by Glenn

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Tung Carb by Bebe Manufacturing

This is a low cost carbidizer.
Use this tool to place a hardened surface on your knife edge or liner lock face.

This tool vibrates and creates a plasma arc between the tungsten element and the target steel. Every vibration creates a spark and plasma arc. The tungsten element is sacrificed and deposited in a thin layer on the target.

If you are using on a knife edge, plate only one side of the cutting edge. This allows untreated steel to wear away faster than the hard tungsten carbide side essentially making it self sharpening. I know this works just like this as I have proven it to myself. I use a 154CM blade around the warehouse here and constantly cut cardboard, straps and glass tape. This kind of cutting dulls the blade fairly quickly. I had to sharpen my blades every other week. I carbidized the edge of my knife and it got sharper with use and I haven't sharpened it in months. True story. If you are in the warehouse here some time, ask to see my personal carry knife and I will show you my Protech with a carbidized edge.

For a liner or frame lock use: Fit the lock as you would normally. Carbidize the Titanium lock side only. You will probably have to refit the lock as the carbide/tungsten deposited on the lock face will add a few thousands. The advantage is you have a hardened lock face that isn't as sticky and won't gall like Titanium. A very subtle but very nice finishing touch for your liner or frame locks.

If you have ever finished a liner or frame lock and taken just a hair too much off the lock face and end up with a loose fit (it happens), use a carbidizer to build up material on the lock face and tighten up your fit.