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This material is polyester resin reinforced with polyester textile; whereas g10 and micarta are made with a phenolic resin.  The polyester resin makes for a more stable handle material that will not crack or break and has negligible water swell.  This material is best for tactical knives that require a handle with no slip.


TeroTuf is non-abrasive and is easier to machine than phenolic or fiberglass materials.  Coolant is not required for machining TeroTuf; machine dry. Dust mask and or work area air suction is suggested.

For lathe work, carbide or diamond tipped tools can be used to generate a fine surface finish. TeroTuf™is 100% polyester resin material with no fillers.
To achieve a fine finish us 3M Scotch-Brite Finishing Flap Brush Grade 5A VFN #01162.
Cutting Angles of Turning
Top Rake 0° to 6° / Side Rake 5° to 8° / Front Rake 4° to 5°
Speeds for Cutting:  Normal for surface finish 22 to 26 feet/second
Speeds for Feed:  First pass/roughing .015 to .035 inches per revolution 
Last pass/finishing .010 to .015 inches per revolution