Pulley/Sheave 4-step - 5/8" Bore

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4 step pulley 5-8 bore V groove
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Four Step Pulley / Sheave

  • 5/8" Bore
  • 2", 3", 4", and 5"Diameter Steps
  • for use with 1/2" wide V-Belt
  • 3/16" Keyway slot (key not included)
  • Die Cast (Zamak #3) Material
  • Made in the USA.


This is a new addition to our assortment and will require you make your drive shaft 2" longer than the plans calls for. No other change will be required and this will give you 4 speeds instead of 3 speeds as we recommend in the No Weld Grinder Plans. Your choice.

You will need a pair of step pulleys to have adjustable speeds. There is no work around for just one. Order 2 if you are going to use a 4 step pulley system.
Basically, you mount one to your motor, the other to the drive shaft. When the motor is stopped, you manually move the belt from one set of grooves to the next to get 4 different speeds. A poor man's multi-speed controller.