Power Twist Link Belt by Fenner Drive - 1/2" wide V-Belt

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  1. Smooth!
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    I did the NWG. With the plans from Tracy. I used a high quality automotive belt in my build. I had some vibrations I traced down to the belt. I ordered three feet and when it came I replaced the automotive belt with it. Installation was a snap and NO MORE VIBRATION runs smooth! Save yourself some frustration and go with the belt from the beginning.

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1 Item

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NOTE: We have changed the settings to make the minimun quantity in your cart 3ft. If you need less then let us know and we will get that adjusted for you.


Power Twist Link Belt by Fenner Drive

  • ORDER 3 for 3 feet of belt! You will need 3 feet! Enter 3 for quantity!
  • If you order 1, you only get 1 foot  of belt and that is enough for a bracelet.
  • Did I mention you will need 3 feet and to enter 3?
  • These belts are as good as you have read about.
  • They reduce vibration, run smoother and cooler than typical belts.
  • These are size A/4L which is the most common size for 1/2hp to 10hp motor power drive applications.
  • Use these on your grinders, table saws or any where else you have an electric motor running a sheave or pulley that you want to run smoother and quieter.
  • You can of course order any length you want, I just want to make sure you order enough to get your grinder (or other power tool) up and running...


I was skeptical about these belts until I tried them. They work. Do a google search and read different opinions. Even if your belted machine doesn't currently need a replacement, it will eventually and probably at the worst time. Have a Power Twist Link belt on hand and ready so you won't have any down time.


You will probably need at least 3 feet for most any application!

Tip-determine how much you need to order: You will almost certainly need at least 2 feet and most likely 3 feet depending on your power train. Draw out on paper 2 circles the size of the pulleys you will use (a 3 step will be a 4" circle and a 2" circle), figure at least 4" to 6" between the motor pulley and drive pulley. Use a string and lay it out around your drawing and then measure the string.