Norax #U254 & #U264 2"x72"

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Norax #U254 2"x72" 5x Belt Engineered Abrasive
Norax #U264 2"x72" 16x Belt Engineered Abrasive
Norax #U264 2"x72" 45x Belt Engineered Abrasive
Norax #U264 2"x72" 65x Belt Engineered Abrasive
Norax #U264 2"x72" 100x Belt Engineered Abrasive
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Norax Engineered Abrasive

These belts wear like iron. I use Norax belts on every knife I make. I take my knives up to 120x grit and then switch to Norax for the finish. I use 100x, 65x, 45x, 16x and finish with 5x for a full mirror. A minute or two on the buffer using green chrome and I have a deep mirror finish. For a satin finish, I use 100x and 65x.

Just to be clear, these are for finishing metal not hogging out or doing the initial profiling grind. The 100x and 65x will certainly cut but not all that agressively. The 100x is approx 220 grit, the 65x is approx 400 grit, the 45x is approx 650 grit, the 16x is approx 800 and the 5x is approx 1300 grit.

Try one set of these and I think you will be sold on them.

Tip: These belts don't like water so when you dip to cool your blade, wipe it off. I get into a rythem, grind one or two passes, dip, read the water clinging to the blade to find out where I need to grind a little more, wipe and repeat. I keep two terry cloth rags in my shop apron, one in each side pocket so I can wipe both left and right handed.

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