KnifeDogs™ Heat Treating Oven with Genesis Mini Touch Controller by Paragon

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Paragon KD-8414-Mini
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The KnifeDogs™ Genesis Mini Touch Controller Knife Makers Oven W11"xD24"xH4.255"

IMPORTANT NOTES ON ORDERING:These are shipped directly from Paragon. Paragon Kiln Free Shipping Terms

Paragon Kiln free shipping includes shipping cost, residential fees, and potential liftgate service fees within the contiguous United States. Free shipping will be based on Standard UPS and Motor freight. Any form of expedited shipping will be paid by the customer. Shipping for replacement parts or upgraded parts after purchase will be paid for by the customer.

To be clear contiguous United States excludes shipping to Alaska and Hawaii. Orders being sent outside the contiguous United States or Internationally the customer will be subject to all shipping cost. We partnered with Paragon oven to design and produce a low cost, good-quality knife makers oven.

  • Paragon genesis mini touch controller.
  • This oven has a chamber 14” deep, 8” wide and 4” tall.
  • The overall size of the oven is 14” wide, 25” deep and 15.5” tall.
  • The maximum Temperature on this oven is 2200F. A typical K thermocouple is located on the center back wall of the chamber.
  • Side swing door on heavy-duty hinge.
  • NEMA 6-15P 15amp 250v plug. You may need to change this plug to match your 240volt outlet.
  •  Electrical requirements are: 1 phase, 240volt and 9amps.
  • Coils are standard Paragon and we will carry replacements.
  • Fused circuit.
  • Weight is 70lbs

Don’t think we skimped on quality though. The oven has a heavy gauge steel wrapper around 2.5” thick firebricks. We minimized the electronics, not the quality of the unit. A high temp. paint in KnifeDogs orange provides a durable finish.Shipping weight is 80lbs so this can ship via UPS. Currently, we are shipping only to the USA. (International customers, if you have a freight forwarder that you have experience with we can work with you.)This low cost unit will allow the knife maker on a budget to heat treat most any steel out there.We released this oven due to the popularity of the manual control version oven we offer. Some makers wanted the convenience of the digital controller. I don't blame them. I think it is worth the extra money myself.
Why not just use a toaster oven for tempering? You can and many guys do. The issue with toaster ovens is there is no mass to hold the heat to moderate the temperature changes as it heats and cools around your target temperature. The size also is an issue. You want to be a couple inches away from the heat source. The elements are going to be a couple thousand degrees as they heat up. Heat treating ovens work by heating "full blast" until the target temperature is reached and then they cycle off. (some high end digital controller ovens operate differently). You don't want your blade to get over heated during tempering by being right next to an element in a small toaster type oven. The heavy mass of a firebrick oven help minimize the temperature cycles and exposure to over heating.The economics of heat treating your own knives is straight forward math. If you are producing 20 knives a year and send them out for heat treating at $15 a knife, your annual cost is $300. The straight math doesn’t tell the whole story though. When you have your own oven, your production will go up and your turn around time will drop by several weeks. Caution: This oven, like nearly all heat treating ovens, has exposed heating elements. Turn off the oven before adding or removing any material. Accidentally touching your metal knife to an electrically charged oven element will give serious shock and may cause death.paraovenship