INSTA-FLEX+ PLUS Clear Rubber Toughened Cyanoacrylate 1 oz.

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Made in the USA


  • Clear rubber toughened has similar qualities to our black IC-2000 but can be used in applications where you do not want the adhesive to be seen.
  • The carbon component of IC-2000 that gives the CA its black color also contributes to its unsurpassed strength.
  • When aesthetics are important and a flexible bond is required, INSTA-FLEX+ is your best choice. It forms superior bonds to soft urethane and vinyl plastics.

Since INSTA-FLEX+ has this carbon removed, its strength is a little less than IC-2000 but still superior to standard CA's.  Both INSTA-FLEX and INSTA-FLEX+ work well when bonding R/C car tires. When a joint has a larger than normal gap, flexible CA's provide superior shock resistant bonds.

Note that this bottle is a full ounce in size. Most of the Ca's you buy at the store are a fraction of an ounce for just a buck or so less.