Un-Cure Cyanoacrylate remover 1 oz.

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Made in the USA

UN-CURE debonder

  • Will soften cured CA.
  • If parts are bonded incorrectly or your fingers are stuck together, a few drops of UN-CURE will dissolve the CA in about a minute. Apply on bonded skin and roll apart fingers. Once stuck, use acetone to clean off softened CA, then wash off with soap and water.

It should be against the law to not have have CA remover. You never know when you need this stuff. Maybe you won't glue your fingers together but some one you know surely will...

TIP: I use this stuff all the time. I tend to use the thick glue and that cures slower so I shoot one surface with accelerant and then join them. This gives me a fast cure time. I used to use clamps when I drilled bolster holes but they always moved on me. Now when I drill bolster holes, I glue the 416 stainless on one side of the knife blade and drill through the holes I drilled in the blade before heat treating. A quick tap on the blade back side with a hammer and the bolster pops right off. I then use Uncure to remove any reside. I repeat for the other bolster side. This gives me perfectly placed holes.