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  1. This video is not worth buying.
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    It's just a guy in front of a blackboard for an hour and forty minutes making crude drawings in chalk. I'm sure Greg Neely is a fine knife smith but this DVD doesn't reflect it and certainly doesn't give enough information to beginning knife smith to be considered instructive. A book on the subject would have been an improvement because at least the drawings would've been better. I don't blame USA Knifemaker, ABS should never have tried to market this as anything other than a video of a lecture. The lack of any actual demonstrations makes this DVD so boring it's difficult to sit through without falling asleep. I'm disappointed that this isn't offered somewhere on ABS' website for free because it certainly isn't worth paying for.

    Review by Wiley

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1 Item

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DVD Handles & Grips and Fit & Finish by Greg Neely

ABS Master Smith and former ABS Chairman Greg Neely describes in detail and demonstrates the processes involved in building the different types of handles for a knife. This step by step DVD was filmed during the Silver Anniversary of the First ABS Hammer-In held in Dubois, Wyoming.



1) Introduction, Tang types and adhesives

2) Mortising a Hidden Tang

3) Mortising Jig

4) Mortising for a Threaded Tang

5) Soldering, Braze Welding, and File Guides

6) Frame Handles

7) Pinning Handle

8) Knife Assembly, Jigs, Patterns

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