CPM-D2 Bar Stock *Surface Ground HRA .187" - See Length Note

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CPM-D2 Bar Stock *Surface Ground HRA .187" x 2" - See Length Note
CPM-D2 Bar Stock *Surface Ground HRA .187" x 4" - See Length Note
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CPM-D2 Bar Stock



We buy this in 36" lengths and sell it in 12", 24", and 36" lengths.

If you buy 1ea, you will get a stick 12" long by the width and thickness shown.

If you buy 2, you will get a bar that is 24" in length.

If you buy 3, you will get a bar that is 36" in length.

**If you buy 2, 3 or more and want it cut into 12" length pieces, please specify in the comments section that you would like them cut into 12" pieces.

**Advertised price is for 1qty 12" piece


D2 steel has been around for a very long time and is a proven knife steel. It is NOT a stainless steel but it is near stainless with a little over 11% Chromium. It takes 14% Chromium content to be classified as stainless steel. This is a high carbon steel that resists rust better than most. It's tough and holds an edge. If you don't like stainless steel, give this a try.

Note: CPM bar stock normally comes with a very hard black exterior from the foundry.  This bar stock has been surface ground to specified thickness plus .010". This means the black foundry scale has been ground off the steel leaving a raw steel finish. It is not precision ground but the thickness is going to be fairly close to the specified thickness.

Fraction thickness     Decimal thickness
3/32"                              .093"
1/8"                                .125"
5/32"                              .156"
3/16"                              .187"

1/4"                                .250"

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