Blaze Belts R980 1"x30"

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Blaze R980 1"x30" 40grit Super Ceramic Belt Top of the Line
Blaze R980 1"x30" 60grit Super Ceramic Belt Top of the Line
Blaze R980 1"x30" 80grit Super Ceramic Belt Top of the Line
Blaze R980 1"x30" 120grit Super Ceramic Belt Top of the Line
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  1. Don't waste your time on anything else unless you are just polishing.
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    These belts last longer and run cooler than anything else I have tried and not by a small margin either. In my opinion, one of these belts if better than a ten pack of anything else for shaping and profiling steel. My poor little 1x30 has actually become a useful tool using these belts.

    Review by Wesley

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Blaze R980 1"x30"

Sharper ceramic granules giving a keener cutting edge
Improved Y-weight polyester cloth finish with better grain retention and edge fray resistance
Improved resin system for cooler cutting and better grain retention
Advanced 'supersize' lubricant keeps cutting temps down.
Improved fractionability keeps cutting edges sharp.
Lowers grinding costs by faster cutting, cooler cutting and longer lasting belts.

These are the ultimate in a quality grinding belt.

Engineered to outlast every competitive belt in it's class. This belt has more features than longer than your arm.

The bright orange color is the one to reach for. To be sure, these belts aren't cheap but they will out last others and stay sharper longer. A sharp cutting belt will give you much better control over your grinding with less slips and bobbles that can ruin and hours worth of grinding time and drive you slowly to madness.