*11 Pounds - Assorted G10 & Micarta End Cuts - Knife Handle Material

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Micarta end cuts

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This is an approximately 11lb box of assorted pieces of micarta and g10. There are various sizes, colors and thicknesses. Generally, cheap micarta retails for around $15 to $18 a pound. You will certainly get your $60 bucks worth. I put as much as will fit in a flat rate priority mail box.

Just to be clear, these are end cuts, crooked cuts and stupid cuts. This isn't pairs of scales. It is all too small for a standard scale or it wouldn't be in this box...A standard scale for me is 1.5"x6" 

This stuff is covered in caked on cutting dust. You will have to clean it up.  You will certainly throw quite a bit of it away but Micarta in a size any bigger than your thumb just seems too useful to throw away.

NOTE: The picture is from a previously sold box of end cuts. It is only meant to illustrate what a box of end cuts may look like...