Wheel - POLY Small Wheel Rollers

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Wheel - POLY Small Wheel Roller .75" Dia. 70 Duro
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Wheel - POLY Small Wheel Roller 1" Dia. 70 Duro
Wheel - POLY Small Wheel Roller 1.25" Dia. 70 Duro
POLY Small Wheel Roller 1.5" Dia. 70 Duro
Wheel - POLY Small Wheel Roller 1.75" Dia. 70 Duro
Wheel - POLY Small Wheel Roller 2" Dia. 70 Duro
Wheel - POLY Small Wheel Roller 2.25" Dia. 70 Duro
Wheel - POLY Small Wheel Roller 2.5" Dia. 70 Duro
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POLY Small Roller Wheels

  • These small roller wheels fit into the Beaumont Metals Small Wheel Attachment.
  • I had these custom made for us. You won't find these anywhere else.
  • These are 70 duro polyurethane small contact wheels that will fit into the small wheel attachment we sell seperately. These wheels will cost you approximately 1/3 less than the vulcanized rubber small roller wheels we also sell.
  • OAL is 3.125"

What's the difference between the two: The higher priced ones are made using time proven vulcanized rubber to 70 duro. These wheels were made with 70 duro hardness polyurethane. If I gave one each of them to you I'm fairly certain you would not be able to tell the difference. In use, polyurethane will start to melt around 185F degrees. If you run them that hot, you'll have problems with the bearings (on both the rubber and poly wheels) also. Keep the temp down and these will work just fine and you'll save 1/3 of the cost of rubber wheels.

NOTE: The precision fit of the small wheel holder attachment is very high. I've hand test fit each one of these custom made poly wheels into an attachment fixture. Expect these to be a very snug fit. If they just don't fit in your fixture, you may have to move one of the press fit bearings slightly (in or out) using a punch and hammer.