VG10 Stainless Steel Core - 15 Layer Nickel/Stainless Damascus - .240" x 1 7/8" x 12"

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You're reviewing:VG10 Stainless Steel Core - 15 Layer Nickel/Stainless Damascus - .240" x 1 7/8" x 12"
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VG10 Stainless Steel Core - 15 Layer Nickel/Stainless Damascus

0.24" x 1 7/8" x 12"

We received these in 4 foot bars. You are purchasing per foot. If you purchase a qty of 1 you will receive 12", if you purchase a qty of 2 you will receive 1 piece that is 24" long, etc.

VG10 (V Gold 10) premium stainless steel core clad in 15 layers of nickel/stainless damascus. Whether you will be grinding to shape or forging you will get a bold pattern from this steel!

V Gold10 is composed by raw materials and some elements that form alloys.
Addition of 15% of Cr, 1% of Mo and 1,5% of Co makes the matrix (substrate) stronger and prevents carbides from dropping out. By adding V, the structure becomes finer. Added Cr, Mo, and V form a lot of hard carbides, so abrasion resistance imoroves which gives knives long-term clean cutting, VG10 is rather machinable and easy to grind. 
VG10 also has quadratic effect in high-tempereature tempering that it is ideal use in cutting tools which are given surface-coating at up to about 450℃.


Heat treating information from Mastersmith Bill Burke:

Heat Treatment
Forging: Forge at 1100°C/2012°F. Do not forge below 1000°C/1832°F. You should anneal after forging
Annealing: Anneal at 870°C/1598°F. Cooling spped should not exceed 25°C/hr - 77°F/hr
Quenching: Quench at 1050-1100°C/1922-2012°F. Quench in oil (50°C/122°F) or air (25°C/77°F)
Tempering: Temper at 150-250°C (302-482°F). If you coat such as TiC, temper at 540°C/1004°F

Annealed: Hrc 25
Hardened: Hrc 61
Sub-Zero: Hrc 61.5

After forging/annealing, grind blade to 220 grit (120 grit minimum) finish. Wrap in high temp stainless foil, being sure to seal air tight. Place blade in heat treat oven and ramp oven to 1560 °F and hold 30 minutes. Ramp oven to 1940°F and hold a maximum of 10 minutes. Air, oil or plate quench. Subzero quench at -112°F to -300°F for 60 minutes. Temper 2x for two hours each cycle for desired hardness at 300 - 480°F.


Note: results may vary with hardening method and section size. Salt or oil quenching will give maximum results. Vacuum or atmosphere cooling may result in up to 1-2 Hrc lower.