Tormek SVX-150 Scissors Jig

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Tormek SVX-150 Scissors Jig

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With the Tormek original jig for scissors SVX-150, you can sharpen all sorts of scissors from household scissors to heavy garden shears.

The grinding angle can be set so that you exactly replicate the existing edge angle. Regardless of the edge angle, you remove a minimal amount of steel every time.

Controlled Sharpening:One of the scissor blades, sometimes both of them, often have a slight convex shape. Thanks to the original Tormek design, you follow the individual shape of each blade so that the sharpening runs smoothly. The rotation of the stone presses the scissor blade towards the support plate, so you can concentrate on moving the scissors across the stone with full control.

Gentle on the steel: Since the edge is continuously cooled with water, there is no risk that the steel will become overheated and lose its hardness. With the Tormek machine you will get a very fine edge that also lasts longer.

Design: The jig for scissors sharpening comprises a support plate (1) and a holder (2) with two clamps (3) for the scissors. Usually you use only the right clamp. For large scissors and garden shears you use both clamps.

You adjust the clamp to fit the scissors’ thickness with the screw (4). You lock the scissors by tightening the knob (5). The support plate has a sliding surface, so the holder with the scissors can easily be moved while it is pressed onto the plate.

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