Thumb Stud Thru Style (1) 1-72 x 1/2 BH Screw

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Thumb Stud - Thru Type

Includes 1 Thumb Stud and 1 Screw

We had this thumb stud made just for us. It is a knurled threaded tube that takes a 1-72 thread screw. We will include a torx drive Button Head 1-72 screw that is 1/2" long.

.187" diameter and length.

You can use this stud a few different ways.

1. Thread your blade for a 1-72 screw and attach the stud with the button head screw provided. You can see the 'finish' by looking at the picture provided. Your knife buyer can easily switch the thumb stud to the other side if they are a lefty.

2. Have a 1-72 through size hole in your blade and use two of these, one either side of the blade for a double stud. The screw is 1/2" long so it will handle a thick blade.

3. Use a flat head screw on the back side with a counter sunk through hole in your blade and scew the stud onto the screw and trim to length.