Tap High Carbon Plug Style 4-40 Norseman

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Plug Style Taps

Made in the USA

Tip: There are three basic styles of taps the to be concerned about. There is a taper style with strong taper at the point. This is for through holes and the taper allows you to get 5 to 9 threads into the hole before tapping begins. Then there is the plug style for through holes or deep holes that don't need a thread all the way to the bottom of the hole. A plug style is a good all around tap that allows you to get 3 to 5 threads into the hole before cutting begins and also cuts deeper than the taper style. That leaves the bottoming style tap which is for threading blind holes as close to the bottom as possible. Bottoming taps don't work well for starting threads because the tip has almost no taper.

High carbon taps are perfect for hand tapping. These taps are are made of tough carbon steel and have just a little give and flex for tapping those tough materials and not snapping them off so easily.

Use a #43 bit to drill the hole you want to tap. You may want to drill a slightly larger hole (3/32" drill) in difficult to to tap materials like titanium. This will reduce the chance of your tap breaking and the titanium will still be strong enough to hold the shallower threads.

Note: The picture show different size plug taps for clarity only. You are buying one tap at at a time.