Surface Plate - Black Granite 9"x12"x2"

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6491011 Surface Plate
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Surface Plate

Black Granite
.0001" flatness
shipping weight is 36 pounds

* Lowest temperature coefficient, least responsive to temperature changes.
* Moisture and corrosion free, no rusting, no oiling, will not stain or discolor.
* Practically maintenance free, fast easy to clean.
* Smooth Ball Bearing surface.
* Resists dust and abrasives, non-magnetic.

Many (most?) folder makers use a surface plate. These provide a dead flat surface to check your materials and workmanship to see how flat things are. They are also commonly used as a work surface to keep your work area tight and tidy.

We suggest you consider using a surface plate with our Pivot Lap.

Tip: These are poor mans surface grinder. Using Feathering adhesive or other low tack glue, you can bond 9"x11" sheets of sand paper to the surface plate and move your material back and forth to get a flat finish or for material reduction. Some guys will just tape the sand paper tightly to the surface so they don't have left over adhesive. That is your choice.

Note: I set a pair of typical size need nose pliars on the surface plate for scale reference. For the junior lawyers: pliars not included.