Steel - Tool Bar Socket Tube 2"x2"x15"x3/16"

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Tool Socket tube 2"x2"x3/16"x15
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Tool Bar Socket Tube for NWG or 2" tube needed for Tool Rest

  • 2"x2"x16.25"x3/16"
  •  The plans call for 2 each of this part if you build the tool rest.
  • To keep parts inventory down, I cut this to 16.25" inches. This will allow you to use one tube for the tool bar socket tube or the tool rest.
  • This is mild steel for construction of the No Weld Grinder.
The parts, in most cases have been cut slightly longer than the plans call for so you can square up the ends. The cut edge(s) you measure from will almost certainly need to be squared up. Expect this steel to have some rust, dirt, grease and sharp edges from the cuts. No attention has been given to cosmetics. This is just like it comes from the metal dealer.

I carry this mild steel as a last resort for those that can not find any steel locally. I have added a markup and a small cut charge to every piece. Nearly every item I carry, I try to be at or very near the best price in the business. This mild steel is probably a bit higher in price than you are going to find locally. I just don't have a whole sale source on this stuff and I simply can't stay in business not charging a mark up and time for cutting.




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