Stay-Clean Soldering Flux

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Stay-clean flux 4oz
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Stay-Clean Flux
  • 4oz
  • Liquid
  • Most solders below 700F degrees

Use this solder for most everything other than Ti, aluminum or magnesium. (if you are soldering any of those materials, you are WAY ahead of the curve).
Very popular for use in soldering stainless steel.

Tip: If you get this too hot, it will turn brown and you will need to start over. Soldering stainless takes practice. If you can't get it done with a flame, a lot of guys can not, try a high temp heat gun. It takes a few minutes to get the metal up to temp but using a heat gun over a torch gives you just a bit more time as it approaches temp to get ready. Too often, with a torch, you heat well past the correct temp and burn the solder or flux and have to start over. I almost NEVER solder bolsters. Correction, I NEVER solder bolsters anymore on fixed blades. I use JB Weld. Soldering a bolster is meant to act as a seal against liquids and junk getting under the bolster. JB Weld does this just fine thank you with out all the clean up headaches.