Small Wheel Holder & Belt Guide Combo

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Small Wheel Holder & Belt Guide Combo

     - Comes with Small Wheel Holder and Belt Guide

**NOTE: This combo pack does not include wheels.

Small Wheel Holder: Holds our small wheel rollers. Design allows the "block" to be removed and this can then be mounted on a vertical orientation for a horizontal grinder.

Belt Guide: This add on belt guide for our KnifeDogs small wheel holder will narrow the angle of the belt wrapping around your small wheel roller contact wheel. This allows for a tighter fit is small spaces.

We suggest using a 3/4" or 1" wheel for the belt guide. Any larger diameter won't gain you any additional angle compression.

What these will fit:

This will fit any of our KnifeDogs small wheel holders sold from 5/15/13 forward. Any of our small wheel holders purchased prior to 5/15/13 may have the threaed mounting holes. Look at the top of the arms and you may see four threaded holes. If you do, these are mounting holes for this optional add on belt guide.

If you have a Beaumont Metal works small wheel holder or one of our own earlier versions you will have to locate, drill and tap 1/4-20 holes to mount the belt guide....or buy a new version of our small wheel holder and sell your old one.

To modify your small wheel holder, locate the holes by placing the add on arms with a wheel mounted. Eyeball it from the picture shown here. Mark the hole locations on your holder using a pen, maker, scratch tool, whatever. Drill the hole to be threaded with a #7 wire size drill bit. Drill all the way through. Using a 1/4-20 tap and lot's of tapping fluid. Aluminum gets sticky when tapped so use lot's of tapping fluid. Your tap will not get all the way through the add on arm as taps aren't sold that long. Just tap it long enough to get your screws to be able to engage at least three threads. Grind away any excess screw length. If you have the tap's and any kind of experience tapping aluminum blocks, the whole process might take 30 minutes but probably closer to 15.