Grinder Plans and Parts

Grinder Plans and Parts
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  1. Steel - Tool Bar Arms & tool rest 18.1"x1.5"sqx1/8"
    Model Number: Tool bar 18"x1.5"sqx1/8"
  2. Steel - Tool Bar Socket Tube 2"x2"x15"x3/16"
    Model Number: Tool Socket tube 2"x2"x3/16"x15
  3. Steel Reducer Bushing 3/4"-5/8"
    Model Number: reducer 3/4"-5/8"
  4. Steel Reducer Bushing 5/8"-1/2"
    Model Number: reducer 5/8"-1/2"
  5. Table Top Plate 4"x2"x1/2" Tool Table
    Model Number: MESM-4x2x.5-TableTop
  6. Table Top Plate 4"x4"x1/2" Tool Table
    Model Number: MESM-4x4x.5-TableTop
  7. Table Top Plate 6"x4"x1/2" Tool Table
    Model Number: MESM-6x4x.5-TableTop
  8. Replacement Door Spring for KMS Grinder
    Model Number: GSGP-MMC-DoorSpring
    Out of stock
  9. door spring for No Weld Grinder Plans
    Door Spring for No Weld Grinder Tension arm
    Model Number: door spring
    Out of stock
  10. Grinder - Spare Tooling Arm - Steel
    Grinder - Spare Tooling Arm - Steel
    Model Number: GSGP-BM-SpareToolingArm
    Out of stock
  11. keyway key 3/16" x 1"
    Model Number: GSGP-FL-Keyway-Key
  12. Knob 4 bump PolyPro w comfort grip 3" dia
    Model Number: GSGP-MC-4BumpKnob-3/8"
    Out of stock
  13. Knob Cast Aluminum 4 bump Threaded 3/8"-16 3" long
    Model Number: GSGP-MC-CastAlum-4BumpKnob
  14. Knob Knurled Threaded 3/8"-16 3" long
    Model Number: GSGP-MC-KnurledKnob-3/8"
  15. Machinery Bushing 1/2" by 14ga 10pk
    Model Number: GSGP-FL-MachineryBushings-10pk
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Items 53-67 of 67

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Plans and parts for you to build a 2"x72" grinder/sander that can be built with no welding, milling or lathe work required!

This very sturdy grinder features change out tool arm attachments that allow swapping tool attachments in seconds. The plans are nearly 50 pages and include 15 pages of CAD drawings, 5 pages of information on motors, 3 pages of abrasive information. Pictures along with detailed assembly instructions are included. Build your own 2"x72" grinder today.