S&T - #51 Magnum Shield Rectangle Knife Handle Shield 410SS .04"

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Magnum Size Shield for Knife Handle

  • Larger size for fixed blade handles
  • 1.5" Long x .375" wide

Templates and shields are sold separately.

These are water jet cut from 410 stainless steel and are .040" thick.

You will see a slight tab burr on on side where the material was held in place when being cut. There is also a slight burr on the bottom. Clean up of these burrs is a minute or two work with sandpaper. Use these for ready made inserts in your knife handles. 

Use a 3/32" needle burr to cut these.

Tip: The templates are cut from 1095 steel and come annealed. You can optionally harden the templates by heating them to critical temp (non-magnetic) and quenching in oil. The advantage here is if your cutting bit bumps into the template you won't have any nicks or wear. Hardening the templates is entirely up to you. Most do users do not harden them.
The shields are also annealed but really don't need to be hardened.