Resin-Ivory™ "R" Grade Knife Scales 1/4" x 1.6" x 5" pair of scales

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Resin-Ivory™ "R" Grade Knife Scales Slabs

Resin-Ivory™ "R" Grade Imitation ivory for knife handle scales. Resin-Ivory™ is the highest quality imitation ivory we have seen,worked or handled - ever.

This page features Resin-Ivory™ R grade slabs not the Resin-Ivory+S™ slabs. The Resin-Ivory™ R grade slabs have grain that is pretty and looks like real ivory.The +S grade has a more vivid grain throughout the slab and it has the Shreger lines in the end grain - hence the +S designation. The Shreger lines are those forming the herringbone pattern as seen in the end grain view of real ivory. The +S slabs have a quarter sawn ivory grain as opposed to the regular Resin Ivory slabs that have a wave grain.

This material works just like real ivory with conventional tools and takes a high polish by buffing with white jewelers rouge on cloth or felt wheels/pads. One needs only sand with 400 grit wet/dry paper and then take it to a buffing wheel. Glues to wood with white glue and to other materials with super glue or epoxy. This material is also the best imitation ivory we have scrimshawed. There is no squishiness when scriming and there is no bleeding of the ink into unwanted areas as seen on other imitation ivories. It works like ivory, polishes like ivory and scrims like ivory!