Pivot Lap Interchangeable Bushing - KnifeDogs - .250" Rod

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Pivot Lap Interchangeable Bushing


  • Quality KnifeDogs Brand
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • .250" Bushing with Plunger


These are replacement or additional bushings for use with the Knifedogs Pivot Lap. You will need to have the pivot lap base to use these.


How to use a Pivot Lap
1. Select your bushing and put it into the base ("puck"). Tighten the set screw to lock the bushing in place. These are machined slightly off set so the bushing always pulls flush to the bottom of the puck.

2. Place a sheet of sandpaper on a flat work surface (granite - flat steel, glass, etc. 220 grit is a good place to start.

3. Place the Pivot Lap on the sandpaper with the "Knifedogs Pivot Lap" text side up. Insert your pivot, stand off, etc. into the bushing and push the plunger down on top of it.

4. Move the Pivot Lap in small circles while putting pressure on both the puck and plunger. Each stroke will take a bit off your part.

5. Remove the pivot and measure. Keep going until your part is the length you need.  It just took longer to read than it will take to do.

You can also make spacers to lap parts to the same length more consistently. A spacer can be washers or a flat piece of material with a hole drilled in it. Place the spacer on top of the base so that the plunger goes through that spacer. With the right spacer thickness, the plunger won't be able to push down on the part once it gets lapped down to a specific length.