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Currently all the knife blanks and kits we sell are annealed (soft) steel. We have worked with Brad Stallsmith at Peter's Heat treat and find him to be good at what he does for a fair price. See the information below on common questions and how to contact Brad.

How much will it cost to have my knives heat treated?
The 1st (3) blades (under 20" length) are $28.50/ea.  This includes a cryo treatment during processing. The blades must be of the same steel or steels that can be hardened & tempered together.
Return shipping & handling are extra. Blades longer than 20” are quoted separately. Sandblasting is a $35 minimum charge. Black oxide is a $44 minimum charge. Clay treating for a hamon line is a $10 minimum charge/ blade or higher, depending on blade length.

Where do I send the blades and how do I package them?
Send them to Peters Heat Treating, 215 Race St., Meadville, PA 16335 attn: Blade Division. Enclose a customer form that can be found on Peters’ Heat Treating web site.  Package your knives securely in the box so that they cannot move. They will cut themselves out of the box if they can slide or shift. Wrapping in newspaper or similar material works well. Putting a protective covering (such as cardboard) over the blade tip & edge will help to prevent damage during shipping.
We will return ship using the same method that we received them unless otherwise instructed. We can ship usps, ups. Please advise if express shipping or insurance is needed for the return trip.

How should I prepare my blades prior to shipment?
Remove all burrs from edges & from around holes. A hole in the tang is helpful during processing, allowing us to hang the blades vertically.
It is recommended that the cutting edge be at least .015 thick. This helps to prevent the edge from warping in a wave pattern. This warpage cannot be corrected after it occurs. Non-aggressive and symmetrical grinding will help to reduce stress and warpage. Include instructions along with your blades regarding steel type, hardness requirements and any other special needs.

What hardness can I expect on my blades?
We will harden to the customers requested hardness unless we feel that the request is unrealistic, in which case the customer will be contacted to discuss options.

Will my blades warp?
Almost all blades warp a little during the hardening cycle. We will do all that we can during processing to reduce or eliminate warpage. The customer will be informed of any blades that we feel are still warped beyond their expectation prior to return shipping.

Who can I contact to discuss the heat treatment of my blades?
Contact Brad Stallsmith at 814-333-1782 or send an email to:
bstall@ if you have questions or concerns.  Or visit their website at

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