Obenauf's Water Shield 8oz

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Water-based silicone can be sprayed on leather, as well as fabrics, for additional waterproofing. It will not harm it, but it will not preserve it. You still need to restore proper oils into the leather using our LP or Oil products, and then you can spray over it periodically. Be very careful to avoid silicones with warning labels, especially aerosols, that contain harmful chemicals as carriers. They're harmful to you, your environment, and your leather.

Obenauf's Watershield:

  • Repels water better and longer.
  • Contains NO harmful chemicals that might damage your item.
  • Will NOT harm glues or stitching as other products.
  • Environmentally safe.
  • Over 16% silicone!

Please Note: Our Watershield is recommended for use on leather only when you are properly restoring oils by using our LP or Oil products.