(NEW!) CPM-S45VN *Surface Ground Bar Stock HRA .156" - See Length Note

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(New!) CPM-S45VN * Surface Ground Bar Stock HRA .156"x 1.5" - Sold by the Foot
(New!) CPM-S45VN * Surface Ground Bar Stock HRA .156"x 4" - Sold by the Foot
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CPM-S45VN Bar Stock


We buy this in 36" lengths and sell it in 12", 24", and 36" lengths.

If you buy 1, you will get a stick 12" long by the width and thickness shown.

If you buy 2, you will get a bar that is 24" in length.

If you buy 3, you will get a bar that is 36" in length.


**If you buy 2 or 3 and want it cut into 12" length pieces, please specify in the comments section that you would like them cut into 12" pieces.

**Advertised price is for 1qty 12" piece


  • Sheared
  • Surface Ground
  • Ground to specified thickness with tolerance of plus .010"

Composition of CPM S45VN Steel

   Carbon  1.48%

   Chromium  16.00%

   Vanadium  3.00%

   Molybdenum  2.00%

   Niobium  0.50%

   Nitrogen  0.15%

CPM S45VN is the updated version of CPM-S35VN. The chemistry has been rebalanced to improve corrison resistance, wear resistance and edge retention. It also has increased Carbon and a some Nitrogen added to allow for higher hardness than CPM S35VN. Toughness is better than CPM S30V, but slightly less than CPM-S35VN.

Link below has comprehensive heat treat information and much more from www.knifesteelnerds.com



Heat Treatment for CPM S45VN

Wrap blade in stainless steel heat treat foil

Bring to 1550/1600F and equalize (let it soak for 10 minutes)

Bring it up to Austenitizing temp 1900 - 2000F and hold for 15 - 30 minutes

Quench in air or plate quench.

A Cryo treatment in liquid nitrogen (or dry ice) before tempering will increase hardness

Temper between 300F to 500F twice at 2 hours each time. Cool to room temperature in between tempers.

Austenitizing at 2000F followed by a Cryo treatment and tempering at 400F should result in a hardness of 61-62 HRC