Mixing Cups 2oz. 50 count - for epoxy, paint, stain, finishing

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2oz Plastic Cups

These are the little cups you get with food samples in from Sam's Club or Costco. They are the perfect size for mixing epoxy or holding a small amount of stain or tung oil for finishing off a handle. They won't soak through and leak like dixie cups do. They don't have a wax coating to get into your epoxy. They have a nice wide top to mix and are low and with a wide bottom so they don't tip over. To mix JBWeld, I flip it over and use the bottom side.

When I'm working on a knife with small parts, I use one of these to hold the parts in place.

Once you start using them, you'll find plenty of uses for these and they cost a whopping 2 cents apiece.

I put a water bottle cap in there to provide a sense of scale. I bought a case of 2000 last time I ran out but I sure don't need that many at a time so I listed them here in packs of 50.

Tip: I use a couple of Q-tips as paint brushes to put tung oil or other stain onto my knife handles.