Micro Roller Bearing Kit Includes pivot, screws & 2 bearings

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Micro Roller Bearing Kit


  • 2ea Micro Bearings
  • 1ea 1/4" Barrel Pivot
  • 2ea 8-32 x 1/4" Button Head screws for pivot

Micro Bearings are:

  • 1/4" Inside Diameter
  • .678" OD
  • .078" Thick

We have combined these items and lowered the price from what you would pay if you bought these separately.
Use an 11/16" Counterbore with 1/4" pilot to recess these bearings. We have these counterbores in the "Taps, reamers, countersink & bores" area.

NOTE: These will be a press fit for a 1/4" barrel pivot. You will need to stretch the ID for a loose fit. Use a tapered punch to stretch the ID to a slightly larger size.
Drill a 1/4" hole in some thick material. Use a punch that has a taper smaller than 1/4" on the point and larger than 1/4" on the shank. Insert the punch through the bearing hole and then into the 1/4" hole you have drilled. Give the punch a light tap to stretch the ID of the bearing slightly. The bearing will be stuck to the punch, carefully tap it loose from the punch and check the bearing for proper clearance. You want a non-interference fit on the pivot bearing. Repeat as needed.