Mathewson Metals Gas Burner For Forge

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This burner works exceptionally well in a wide range of applications and pressure settings. We use it here in the forges at our blacksmithing school and it easily attains forge welding temperatures in a properly insulated forge. Although we typically run our forges from about 5-20 PSI this burner will operate efficiently well above that range. We have built over 150 of these that are in use in shops, schools, and studios locally and across the country. There have been ZERO complaints about these burners. Built by a professional blacksmith with over 20 years experience.


  • Heavy wall stainless steel nozzle for long service life
  • Venturi design
  • Adjustable choke for forge welding applications
  • Precision machined brass gas orifice (not mig tip)
  • Lights and burns independently inside or outside of the desired application for maximum versatility