Lustra Wax 1lb Clear - replaces Briwax

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Lustra Wax

 Much like the premier polish Briwax, a blend of natural carnauba and beeswax, Lustra is made by one of Europe's premier makers of fine furniture waxes. Developed for Lustersheen, to be above the best.

Tip: I coat entire knives and sheaths with this material. On metal, it will reduce chances of rust and keep finger prints down. On leather, it gives a nice depth, feel to the hand and gloss when buffed. On wood, well, that's a natural. It gives an fantastic, classic hand waxed appearance. Highly recommended. Apply a liberal coat and wipe it off to a clear finish. If it dries out too fast and you can't rub it off to a clear finish, simply apply a dab over the stubborn spot to moisten and buff it clear. 

**Lustra will liquify in warm weather.  Use caution when liquified.  Refrigerate for 20 minutes to restore to its' original paste state.  Stirring in unnecessary.  Quality & efficacy is unchanged.