KnifeDogs Grinder - Bare Bones Frame.

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KnifeDogs Grinder- Frame Only

  • This is welded and painted version of our U-Weld Grinder
  • This bare-bones frame is designed to be a budget option great for your first grinder or for a second frame using your already existing tool bars (1.5" square).
  • You can purchase any additional parts separately to make this a dedicated machine. These include: adjustable tool rest, contact wheels in all popular sizes, small wheel adapter, tool arms, small wheels, slack/flat platen attachment and 12" mounting kit.
  • This does not come with a motor or speed controller, It also does not come with any tool bars, contact wheels or platen. The motor mount will fit a 56c faced motor.
  • This bare bones kit is just for the bare minimum frame so you can use your own accessories using 1.5" tool arms.