KMG-TX - Tilting Extreme Grinder

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KMG-TX - Tilting Extreme Grinder

The all-new KMG-TX – Tilting Extreme the Knife Making Grinder you’ve been dreaming of!  With the same robust construction of the original KMG, the completely re-engineered KMG-TX takes your grinding to the next level!  The 2×72 direct-drive grinder easily tilts from a vertical position with a lever release and clicks securely into a horizontal position and back again. The new KMG-TX features a ratcheting belt tension system, an all-new Axis Neutral Tracking system with a low wear steel tracking wheel, platen attachment wheels made of steel, smaller footprint. Works with ALL the classic KMG attachments including the Rotary Platen Attachment and Small Wheel Attachment. Runs on 110V or 220V AC — comes finished and pre-wired, nearly ready to plug in and GRIND! (you will need to connect the pre-wired motor cord to the VFD)

Beaumont took everything they’ve learned from 20 years of making the industry-leading Knifemaker’s belt grinder, and put it into the KMG-TX Tilting Extreme! Everything you love about classic Beaumont Metalworks design with every feature you’ve been wanting in your knifemaking grinder!

NOW AVAILABLE Articulating Work Rest System for KMG-TX! Eight components will allow you to create hundreds of combinations for every work support situation.


  • All Steel  KMG-TX Chassis
  • 2hp Variable Speed Direct Drive Motor
  • Variable Speed Controller for 110 or 220 AC
  • All New Axis Neutral Tracking system with low wear steel tracking wheel
  • New Ratcheting Belt Tensioning System
  • 6″ Drive Wheel
  • 10″ Contact Wheel
  • Aluminum tool arm
  • TX Platen Attachment featuring low-wear steel wheels
  • Easy to care for pearl white powder coat finish and black zinc.


NEW! Articulating Work Rest System for KMG-TX

  • Work Rest Table
  • Tooling arm for KMG-TX
  • 1  (one) 90-degree angle knuckle
  • 2 (two) links with levers
  • 3 (three) 1″ diameter shafts