The KMG Doublestack Kit

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The Double Stack Kit from Beaumont Metal Works puts a second tooling arm holder on top of your KMG grinder!

With a Double Stack Kit your KMG grinder can hold two tooling arms at the same time.

This provides extra tool arm storage, allows special work rest usage, speeds up tooling arm changes, and supports other custom features.


Kit Includes

  • One (1) grooved box bottom with 6 holes
  • One (1) box side with 3/8-16 threaded hole
  • One (1) box side
  • Four (4) 5/16-18 x 5" hex head cali screvis
  • Two (2) 5/16-18 x 4 1/2" hex head cap screws
  • One (1) 3/8-16 Locking lever


See what is included in Beaumont's Double Stack kit, how to install it, and what it looks like in this video.