ITC-100HT Ceramic Coating 1 Pint

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ITC-100HT Ceramic Coating 1 Pint

Our most versitile high temperature coating has proven to achieve outstanding energy avings and refractory protection.  Use it alone and as a base coat for other ITC products.

ITC 100 HT and ITC 296A will repair and improve the lifetime of all kiln interiors, including hard brick, insulating fire brick, fibre blanket and fibre board.  Use on all kiln furniture such as setters, slabs and pins to minimize galse sticking and on burner blocks and burner tips.

ITC 100 HT is used as the base coat followed by ITC 200 EZ, a patching compound for filling in holes and crevices caused by broken and separated brick.  ITC 296A is an optional finishing coat to achieve additions purity and to enhance performance and increase longevity of elements.

These energy-saving materials are easily applied within a matter of hours, and outstanding results are attained.  Following are just a few of the benedfits that our customer have reported with the use of ITC Products:
  • SAVE FUEL: Depending upon the extent of repairs, fuel savings can range from 10% to 55%, the average being 35%.
  • CUT FIRING TIME: Expect to reduce your firing time, perhaps by several hours.
  • IMPROVE QUALITY: Your ware will be better than ever, and seconds due to glaze sticking and kiln dirt will be drastically reduced.
  • QUICK PAYBACK: ITC Products pay for themselves in a short period of time, maybe within one or two firings.

PREPARE SURFACE: Remove all loose and weakened fiber and bricks, debris, particles, dust and grease from the interior walls, door, corwn, floor and grooves behind electrical elements.  Immediately before applying ITC 100, dampen these areas by spraying lightly with water.
MIX: To one gallon of ITC 100 and one-half gallon of water and mix well.

APPLY:  Spraying is the best method of application.  Spray guns are available from ITC.  For small applications a brush can be used.

COVERAGE: 500 to 100 sq. ft. per gallon

**Use with other ITC products in order shown on the ITC Problem Solving Chart

ITC Problem Solving and Application Chart

Aluminium Smelters
 Repair and maint. brick, fiber and castables in contact with molten aluminium.  ITC-100, 148, 296A
 Repair and maint. brick, fiber and castables on doors and above molten metal.  ITC-100, 200, 296A
 Repair and maintain furnace door jambs  ITC-100, 148
 Repair and maintain crucibles, pouring ladles and troughs  ITC-100, 148, 296A
 Minimize dross buildup and carbon deposits on metal  ITC-213, 296A
 Protect graphite pumps and graphite parts used in molten metals  ITC-213, 100, 296A
 Protect and prolong thermocouple life  ITC-213, 296A
 Repair burner blocks  ITC-100, 200
Die Casters
 Save fuel  ITC-100, 200, 296A
 Repair and maintain refractory  ITC-100, 200, 296A
 Minimize seeding, peeling, chipping, dusting and cracking of refractory  ITC-100, 200, 296A
 Protect metal utensils such a ladles, skimmers, thermocouples  ITC-213, 296A
 Repair burner blocks  ITC-100, 200
Steel Foundries
 Repair and maintain tundish  ITC-100, 148, 296A
 Minimize slag buildup on metal equipment  ITC-213, 296A
 Repair and protect metal molds  ITC-213, 296A
 Repair and maintain crucibles, ladles and pouring troughs  ITC-100, 148, 296A
 Prolong electrical element life  ITC-213, 296A
 Spray coating for sand molds  ITC-213, 296A
Forge and Blacksmith
 Repair and maintain refractory fiber, castables and brick forge linings  ITC-100, 200
 Seal refractory fiber blanket and increase infrared reflectance  ITC-100, 296A
 Repair and protect burner nozzles and tuyeres  ITC-213, 296A
 Protect metal ladles, skimmers and pipe crucibles  ITC-213, 100, 296A
 Coat parts for heat treating  ITC-213, 100
 Prevent oxidation of exotic metals  ITC-213
Heat Treaters
 Save fuel, improve uniformity of temperature  ITC-100, 200, 296A
 Repair brick or fiber in furnaces  ITC-100, 200
 Prolong electrical element life  ITC-213, 296A
 Protect fans retorts and other metal parts  ITC-213, 296A
 Mend cracked steel in ovens  ITC-213, 296A
 Repair burner blocks  ITC-100, 200
 Reduce recovery time  ITC-100, 200, 296A
Potters, Artists, Porcelain, Brick and Tile Manufacturers
 Save fuel, cut down firing times, improve uniformity of temperature  ITC-100, 200, 296A
 Repair brick and fiber in kilns  ITC-100, 200
 Minimize kiln dirt and improve ware quality  ITC-100, 296A
 Minimize glaze sticking to shelves and kiln furniture  ITC-100, 296A
 Prolong electrical element life  ITC-213, 100, 296A
 Protect metal sand seals on car bottoms and metal burner tips  ITC-213, 296A
 Repair burner blocks  ITC-100, 200
Power Plants, Paper Mills & Incinerators
 Repair and prolong refractory life in furnace area and minimize ash build-up  ITC-100, 148, 296A
 Protect metal water and steam pipes in boiler area and minimize ash build-up  ITC-213, 296A
 Repair burner blocks  ITC-100, 200
Gold, Silver & Other Precious Metals
 Repair and maintain crucibles and ladles  ITC-100, 148, 296A
 Repair and maintain graphite equipment and parts  213, 100, 148, 296A
Forge, Furnace and Kiln Construction
 Protect metal surfaces, door frames, tuyeers and burner nozzles  ITC-213, 296A
 Prime metal for application of other refractories  ITC-213
 Coating and gluing fibre boards and blankets (Kaowool)  ITC-100