G10 - Jade ghost 3/16" - Knife Handle Material

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G10 - Jade ghost 3/16"x1.5"x6" Pair of Scales
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G10 - Jade ghost 3/16"x6"x12" Sheet
G10 - Jade ghost 3/16"x12"x12" Square
G10 - Jade ghost 3/16"x12"x24" Rectangle
G10 - Jade ghost 3/16"x 24" x 36"

Jade Ghost Green

This is new, virgin material. Some of our blocks are salvage but are clearly marked as such.

This is G10, an epoxy and glass mat based laminate. It is exceptionally durable and tough material. It will probably out last a knife handle. It finishes to a very nice polish with visible pattern and it is translucent. This material has layered canvas weave glass matting. Wear a respirator when grinding or sanding as any glass fibers raised during sanding or grinding will be hard on lungs.

 Pictures shown are only to illustrate the color and typical condition of blocks. These blocks may not represent the actual sizes for sale in this item listing.

Tip: I use a wet tile saw with diamond blade when cutting G10 or Phenolic. This material can be cut with a metal band saw or even wood cutting band saw but go slow or you will burn it. Expect it to dull your band saw blade so use an old one. Some makers have had good luck cutting this material with a table saw and carbide blade.

Micarta(tm) is a Trademark of Norplex-Micarta. The term Micarta is often incorrectly used as a common reference to what should be referred to as phenolic laminate. Micarta is a specific product from Norplex-Micarta.

NOTE:  Jade ghost has a green tone to it unlike the Sand ghost which has a slight tan tone

*NOTE: If you purchase 12"x12" Or 12"x24" Sheet there could be a lead time depending on In Stock Quantities.

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