Folding Knife Titanium Liner .100 - Rotty Large - Pair

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Ti Liners that match our Template Patterns

 Thickness .090"

Material: Ti 6al-4v

Length: 5"

Width: 1.5" at the widest

These Titanium liners (6al-4v) match our drill template patterns located here:

 NOTE: We missed locating and drilling the detent hole in this batch. Locate the hole (#49 for 2mm ball, #53 for a 1/16" detent ball) 1/8" in from the lock face and 1/8" down from the top of the lock bar.

These liners are waterjet cut to a very high quality. The holes have been precision reamed.

Made in the USA

 What you get: a pair of liners for use with our template&drill patterns.

Why these: using a pair of these saves you the step of profiling, locating and drilling the holes.

Why so much: Titanium isn’t cheap. These are USA made, waterjet cut with a high quality finish, drilled and reamed to exact hole size.

Why use them: you will save a lot of time and have a great head start on making a high quality liner lock.

Why no blade is included: The blade is significantly easier and we simply couldn’t get all the different steels available in time for this run. We’ll have blade blanks done in our next batch.