File - Hardness Tester File set 40 to 65RC 6 files set

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Hardness Tester Files in Rockwell  C scale

First, if you can afford to get a full blown hardness tester, get it and don't buy these.

If you can't afford a mechanical hardness tester, consider these files.

There are 6 files but you will mostly be interested in just 3 of them. As a knife maker you will use the 65, 60 and 55RC files.

To use, test file your heat treated blade with the 55RC file. If it skates off, the material is harder than 55RC, move up to the 60RC file. If this one almost bites or bites a little (a metal shaving shows up or there is a visible scratch) you are around 60RC. Moving up to the 65RC to test, you should get a deeper scratch when applied.

Naturally you will want to do this on an area that doesn't show on your finished knife.

There are 6 files in the set.
40,45,50,55,60 and 65RC hardness