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File Guide - Precision

Accepts up to 1/2" thick by 2 1/2" wide blade.

  • Each bar measures 5/8" tall x 1" deep x 4" wide
  • I had these custom made for us by a talented machinist that specializes in custom knife parts for the industry. This is a very high quality fixture.
  • These are 01 hardened steel to an RC hardness of 61. The metal has been finished to a nice satin shine.
  • These have precision fit guide pins that align the top bar with bottom bar perfectly. The pins are press fit into the bottom bar and have a close fit in holes on the top bar. This allows for a high precision fit every time.  The are connected by socket head cap screws with a 3/16" hex drive. I am including a premium quality Wiha 3/16" Hex L-key.
  • Look closely at the picture and you will see the inside top bar has been recessed around the pin guide bar holes to allow a spring to be inserted to keep the bars apart. The springs are not included but you should be able to find a couple at any hardware store near you. I don't normally care for them in there so I'm not including them. You might feel different and want some. In that case, the recess will hold the spring nicely in place and allow for spring compression to get a good clamp on the blade.
TIP: Use these with a hand file to cut a matching plunge cut into your blade. Clamp the hardened file guide where you want the plunge cut and file away. The file will skate off of the hardened 01 steel. Don't use these or any other file guide on a belt grinder. Abrasives on a belt grinder are much harder than steel and will gladly eat any hardened steel for lunch. Give these an occasional coat of oil to keep the rust down.