Evenheat Salt Bath 718 Lids and Drip Shields

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Evenheat SB 718 Lids
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Evenheat Salt Bath 718 Lid - 4.75" Access Hole
Evenheat Salt Bath 718 Lid Drip Shield for 5.81" Access Hole
Evenheat Salt Bath 718 Lid - No Access Hole
Lid Access
The Salt Bath 718 comes standard equipped with a lid that provides a 4.75" diameter access hole, suitable for a 4" salt pot. Additional lids are available with access holes to fit pots up to 5" as well as lids with no access holes that allow you to create the exact fit for your custom salt pot.

Drip Shields

Pulling a work-piece from a salt bath generally brings some of the molten salt out with it in the form of some drops and slight run-off. This is called drag-out: it's hot, it's liquid and it's damaging. Allowing drag-out to make contact with the firebrick lid, control panels and worst of all the controller faceplate, causes extensive damage. For this reason Evenheat provides our salt bath kilns with replaceable, stainless steel drip shields on both the lid and control panel. The drip shields take the hits, not the kiln!

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