Eezox Knife Care .95oz Oiler

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Eezox Knife Care

.95oz Oiler

Eezox Knife Care cleans, lubricates and prevents rust and fingerprinting. Dries to the tough leaving no oils film.



Using only Eezox, clean all moving parts, mechanisms and all other metal surfaces and parts. Eezox is the ONE PRODUCT KNIFE SYSTEM THAT DOES IT ALL.


When your knife is thoroughly cleaned and wiped dry, apply a very light application of Eezox to all the parts mentioned and allow to dry. If too much Eezox has been applied, remove the excess with a soft cloth.


Once the last application of Eezox has dried, your knife is now ready for regular use or for storage. Although dry to the touch, Eezox continually works to protect your knives, whether in use or in storage.


Continued use of Eezox will definitely improve knife functions. Please note that Eezox will remove residual buildup from previously used products. If some of this residue starts to reappear, simply clean your knife again with Eezox to remove all traces of the residue.