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Whether you are sharpening a very dull or damaged blade or you are just touching up an already sharp blade at home or in the field, the Edge Stick sharpener delivers unmatched sharpening performance. It's high quality abrasives, cast auminum housing, reversible components, and fabric storage pouch make it the only sharpening tool you will carry that produces a sharp, longer lasting edge every time on your knife, broadhead, or tool.

features & benefits
  • Precision Ground Carbide Blades
  • Interrupted SurfaceDiamond Stone
  • Cast Alminum Housing
  • Fabric Storage Pouch

Grit:  Fine Diamond 750 Grit w/ Coarse Carbide Blades

Size:   .375" x 2.875"

care & use

Sharpening Instructions

Carbide Blades:

  1. Use on very dull blades or to restore a damaged edge.
  2. Place sharpener on a flat, sturdy surface and hold sharpener with your hand for stability and control during sharpening.
  3. Insert knife blade between the two carbide blades at a 90 degree angle to the sharpener.
  4. Press down with moderate pressure and pull the blade through the crossed carbides from heel to tip (never back and forth).
  5. Repeat this action until blade is sharp.

Diamond Stones can be used with a sharpening lubricant (water or honing solution) or dry. Smith's recommends their non-petroleum based Honing Solution for best resuts. DO NOT use petroleum based oil as a sharpening lubricant with this stone.

  1. Place your blade on the end of the stone at the desired sharpening angle and push the blade away from you like you are trying to carve a thin layer off the top of the stone. Use moderate to light pressure when pushing; let the diamonds to the work. Repeat this pushing stroke 3 or 4 tmies. NOTE: Try to keep the same angle with each stroke. This is the key to obtaining the sharpest edge.
  2. Now sharpen the other side of the blade by placing your blade on the opposite end of the diamond stone and pulling the blade toward you. Again try carving a thin layer off the top of the stone. Repeat this pulling stroke 3 or 4 times.
  3. Continue steps 1 and 2 until you feel your blade is truly sharp. Remember, maintaining a consistent angle and doing the same number of strokes on each side of the blade is the key to obtaining the sharpest edge.

Break-In Perriod: The initial aggressive cutting speed of all Diamond Sharpening Stones will slow with use. At the same time, the abrasive finish will improve. Do not be confused by this break-in process. It is normal and should be expected. Your diamond stone is breaking in, NOT wearing out.


Care & Storage: Always clean your sharpener after use. Clean with a damp cloth or mild brush and wipe dry. Store in fabric pouch.