DVD - Tai Goo Hot Forging Basics

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Tai Good Hot Forging Basics

In this landmark foundational lesson, master metalsmith Tai Goo demonstrates a set of basics designed with the modern bladesmith in mind. Although Tai considers these “basics”, this video includes advanced free hand hammer technique that will be of great interest to even the most experienced smiths.

“Hot Forging Basics” shows how Tai performs the techniques of hot cutting, punching, bending and straightening, drawing, upsetting, twisting, changing cross sectional geometry, forging points and shouldering for tangs, all done with simple and direct tooling. Tai teaches developing freehand hammer control rather than relying on jigs, spring dies, presses or power hammers. This is clearly demonstrated, with variations, and explained in “Hot Forging Basics”. Tai also covers taking a heat with gas, wood and charcoal

72 minutes