DVD - Forging Mokume with Chad Nichols

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Forging Mokume with Chad Nichols

Chad Nichols is a custom knifemaker from Blue Springs, Mississippi. In addition to making knives, Chad forges both carbon and stainless  damascus, as well as mokume. Watch Chad as he demonstrates how to forge weld a billet of mokume out of copper, nickel silver, and brass.


The DVD covers:


   *  An introduction to the materials used   

   *  How to properly clean the materials   

   *  Fusing the materials into a billet   

   *  Drawing out the billet   

   *  Patterning the billet   

   *  And grinding down the billet to show        

       the finished mokume


This DVD was filmed in HD and is

wide-screen formatted.


(Running Time: 57 Minutes

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