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All About Grinding  

This video will get you started on grinds.

This video covers grinding for the beginner and intermediate. The video covers the usage of a 1x42, 6X48, & 2x72 belt
grinders/sanders. We talk about convex, flat and hollow grinds. This is a step by step procedure with shop tips and close-up of hollow grinding jig that you can make yourself. Also covered are files, auto body grinder, disc sanders,
marking center-lines and more...

From the authors of this video series:

This series has been talked about between the three of us  Kim Breed, Gary Wheeler, and Daniel Prentic, for some time. NTSC FORMAT.

Our Mission:
To deliver the best information out there and make it a common sense and a fun adventure for you...The hobbiest, beginner, intermediate, or advanced Bladesmith. We will answer emails pertaining to questions and comments about
our videos.

We will replace damaged product at no cost. We spot check each video before it leaves.  The videos are right at or just under one hour each. Some may go over
if needed.
All videos are DVD+R and NTSC format unless requested otherwise. 


DVD videos on knife making, forging, cable Damascus, bowie, handles, guards, grinding, hollow, flat, heat treating.