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Advanced Rawhide Sheath Construction

John Cohea is a frontier style knife maker and leather worker from Nettleton, Mississippi. In this DVD, John builds upon the techniques that he taught in the previous DVD titled Basic Rawhide Sheath Construction.

Watch John as he builds another frontier style sheath from start to finish and as he incorporates various advanced techniques into the finished sheath. As a bonus, John also demonstrates how to sew up a center seam sheath.

Some of the techniques that John demonstrates are:
   *  Sheath Design and the Parts
   *  Making a Snake Skin Belt Loop
   *  Making and Using Rawhide Laces
   *  Sewing Fringe into the Seam
   *  Making a Copper Concho
   *  Making a Decorative Copper Band
   *  Sewing up the Center Seam Sheath

(Running Time: 2 Hours 15 Minutes)