Drill Chuck 33JT Jacobs Taper - Keyless

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Keyless Chuck

JT33 - Jacobs Taper 33
1/64"-3/8" opening

A keyless chuck doesn't require a drill chuck key to open or close. If you have never used one of these you would think just hand tightening a bit in a chuck wouldn't be good enough to hold it. A keyless chuck will absolutely hold your drill bit. Once you use one, you will convert all of your drill presses to one of these.

These chuck heads will have less run out (they are more accurate) than the chuck head that came with your drill press. You can find keyless chucks that are cheaper than these but you get what you pay for. These are very good quality keyless chucks.

This is for a JT33 taper which fits many/most of the sub $75 drill presses.

Tip: To replace a drill chuck. Make sure you matched the right size taper. There are several different sizes. A drill chuck head is head on simply by a friction fit to a tapered shaft. You need to exert downward pressure on the top of the existing drill chuck to have it drop off. Put a rag under the existing chuck head so it has a soft landing. A drift key is normally used. These are nothing more than a piece of metal shaped like a wedge. DON'T buy a drift key. Just make a wedge out of anything. Tap the wedge in between the top of the existing chuck and the drill press. Move it around working it loose. Expect the existing chuck head to pop off unexpectedly. Place the new chuck onto the spindle. Run the jaws up into the chuck head. Tap on the bottom of the new chuck head with a brass hammer or wooden mallet to seat it in place. It doesn't take much to seat it. The first time you change one, it is hard to believe a simple friction fit will hold it in place but it does.