Drill Bit 8" Long HSS

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Drill Bit -.2500 diameter-1/4" x 8" HSS
Drill Bit -.3750 diameter-3/8" x 8" HSS
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8" Long Drill Bit

  • 3/8" x 8"
  • HSS
  • Straight shank

Use these to drill the hole for hidden tang knives.

Tip: A drill bit this long can snap if you put too much force on it to wallow out a hole. Drill the hole and use a draw scraper to to widen the slot.

Tip: If you chuck up the drill bit and put mark exactly where it touches on the drill table you know where this drill bit will end up. Place the end of your long material on your mark and you know where the drill bit will end up. Bill Moran used a plate on his drill press that had a bolt sharpened to a point. It was nothing more than a plate with a bolt through it sharpened to a point. He would set this on the table, point up and match the drill bit tip to the drill bit. Then he would place the material exactly on the point he wanted the bit to exit. He would drill it through to just short of exiting, flip it over and finish the hole.