Diamond Credit Card Stone 2"x3.25" 250grit Coarse

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EZE-Laptm  Diamond Sharpener

  • Credit Card Size

  • 2" x 3.25"

  • Under 2oz!
EZE-Lap invented this diamond embedded sharpening technology so they know how to do it right. These are high quality items at a great price.

EZE-LAP manufactures products using five different diamond grits. This wide selection in diamond sizes allows you to match the right diamond surface to your specific sharpening application. This fine grit diamond has the abrasive ability to effectively sharpen a dull knife in less than a minute and bring the edge to keen razor finish.

When your job requires a surface that will sharpen quickly, but still leave a high quality finish (suitable for shaving), we offer a medium (400) grit diamond.

For those who wish to get the job done fast but are still interested in a good quality finish EZE-LAP offers a coarse (250) grit diamond. This diamond surface lends itself well for sharpening axes, shovels, garden tools, industrial shop tools and de-burring application. Coarse grit is also offered on all flat tools.

For very fast metal removal try our extra coarse (150) grit diamond for roughing in or prepping for final finish. Extra coarse grit is available on all flat tools.

To achieve the ultimate in a polished finish try our Superfine (1200) grit diamond surface. It is designed to polish and fine finish to mirror perfection. Ideally suited for woodworking and industrial application where only perfection is tolerated.

NOTE: You are ordering 1 of the indicated grit. The picture shows several for clarity of illustration only.

What is the best way to clean my sharpener?

Answer: We would suggest Comet or Ajax and some warm water. Using an old toothbrush, scrub until clean.

Question: What grit would I use on kitchen knives?

Answer: The appropriate grit would be fine (600). Popular stones for this use would be Round Sharpeners, Models P and G and Oval Sharpeners.

Question: What model of sharpener is best to use on serrated blades?

Answer: The best models are the Hook and Knife, Model ST, and the EZE-Fold, Model 571.

Question: What is the best angle for sharpening?

Answer: The best angle is 7° - 10° angle.

Question: What is the thickness of the credit card stone?

Answer: .056"

Question: What is the diameter of the Round Diamond Sharpener, Model M and Model S?

Answer: The Model M is 1/4" in diameter and the Model S is 3/16".

Question: What is the diameter of the Hook and Knife Sharpener, Model C?

Answer: The Model C sharpener is 7/32" in diameter.

Question: How can you tell if the knife is sharpening?

Answer: Use a felt-tipped pen and draw a line on the edge of the blade. Now sharpen the blade and notice that the mark will come off as you sharpen.

Question: Should I use oil or water on the stone when sharpening?

Answer: Either is fine and neither will hurt the stone. However, oil will tend to clog the stone and it will need to be cleaned more often than when using water.